“The Password Book” Book Review

Title: The Password Book: Internet Security & Passwords Made Easy
Author: Jason McDonald
Published By: Excerpti Communications, Inc, 2017
Reviewed By: Jessica B

Rating: 2/5 Stars

The Password Book, for several reasons, disappointed me. The first being the length of the material related to helping make strong passwords. The book is 182 pages long, with only 71 of those pages dedicated to helpful material. The rest leaves space to record your passwords. Secondly, it seems as if the copy I read was not the final draft. There were multiple mistakes in grammar and formatting, with the most obvious being incorrect chapter numbering. There is even an entire recap section in the wrong chapter. With the author having a Ph.D., I expected no mistakes, or at least ones that weren’t so obvious. Moving past those errors, Jason directs you to materials and definitions online at his website. To me this defeats the purpose of having a book. If I am physically reading a copy, I may not have access to the Internet, or want to interrupt my reading to look something up that could have been included in the book. To be fair, some are additional resources, but not all of them. Also, a lot of the information regarding passwords is repetitive. I didn’t seem to learn a lot of new information. Maybe this is because I know a lot regarding the subject of Internet security and passwords, but I hoped for fresh insight. In my opinion, this book is better for someone who is new to the Internet or knows nothing about security or passwords. Even then, this is not the book I would recommend they start reading.

Overall, I was disappointed in the lack of material provided and all the errors that were in the novel. I wish I didn’t have to be so harsh in my review, but I wanted to provide an honest response in hopes that the next book or edition put out can improve!

About the Book:
The Password Book is:

  • A Password Organizer. A place to write down your passwords.
  • A Book About Scams. A book that explains how scams work and how to avoid them.
  • A Security Upgrade. A guide to upgrading your password security.

About the Author:
Author Jason McDonald has been active on the Internet since 1994 and has taught SEO, AdWords, and Social Media Marketing since 2009 – online, at Stanford Continuing Studies, and at corporate workshops. Learn more at https://jasonmcdonald.org. or call 800-298-4065.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a review.




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