“Adam” Book Review

How many other memories did the brain store in the deep freeze, warmed to the imagination only when certain circuits fired? – Adam by Ted Dekker

Title: Adam
Author: Ted Dekker
Reviewed By: Jessica B

Rating: 5/5 Stars

When I first started reading this book, I made a prediction about the ending based on other books I have read before. What I predicted did not turn out to be true (it was a tad bit of a stretch), even though I found a lot of signs pointing to my prediction. The ending surprised me with the turn of events that I ending up missing because I was too busy looking for clues that supported my theory. Some may argue that that could ruin the story, but I was still pleasantly surprised by the ending and enjoyed its own plot twist (which was similar to my theory, with a few minor changes in details). This made me want to start the book over again, searching for clues leading up to the ending instead of my theory.

For some, the ending may be a bit bizarre. It does center on arguments related to religion and supernatural beings (in a way, not entirely). So, while I wasn’t entirely thrilled about certain aspects of the ending, it contained a lot of action and suspense that kept the chapters moving along. This book reminded me why I love Ted Dekker and his writing style. This is definitely one of his darker stories that slightly resembles a psychological thriller. Sprinkled throughout the book are installments from a paper that contain a report done on the killer within the novel. As the story moves along, readers are treated to more details of the killer’s past, allowing them to form their own theories and predictions each time new information is presented. I think this was a fantastic addition to the book, as it used a different story telling technique to describe the past versus using flashbacks.

As in a lot of Ted Dekker novels, he builds suspense and keeps the action flowing. I would definitely read this book again to be able to pick up on everything I missed the first time around (which I know is a lot). There are so many small details that could point readers in different directions that allow this book to be one that is read multiple times by the same reader.

I would recommend this book to individuals who enjoy thrillers, serial killer novels, or who have read Ted Dekker books in the past.

About the Book:

It takes an obsessive mind to know one. And Daniel Clark knows the elusive killer he’s been stalking.

Adam.jpgHe’s devoted every waking minute as a profiler to find the serial killer known only as Eve. He’s pored over the crime scenes of sixteen young women who died mysteriously, all in underground caverns. He’s delved into the killer’s head and puzzled over the twisted religious overtones of the murders.

What Daniel can’t possibly know is that he will be Eve’s next victim. After sixteen hopeless months, the case takes a drastic turn when Daniel is fatally shot.

Resuscitated after twenty minutes of clinical death, Daniel is haunted by the experience. He knows he’s seen the killer’s face, but the trauma of dying has obscured the memory and left him with crushing panic attacks. Nothing-not even desperate, dangerous attempts to re-experience his death-brings him closer to finding Eve.

Then Eve strikes again, much closer to home. And Daniel’s obsession explodes into a battle for his life…his sanity…his very soul.

About the Author:
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